KPFA Profile on The Committee, circa 1965, Now Online.


Last year we discovered some recordings related to The Committee in the Pacifica Radio archives. We shelled out a small fee to digitize them, and found them to be quite the treasure trove – enlightening and inspiring (and hilarious). One of the segments that we selected, a 30 minute profile of The Committee from 1965, has been posted online in its entirety and it’s a must listen for students of improvisational theater and modern satire.

Described as An evening with the San Francisco repertory theatre company “whose forte is comic improvisations and set pieces”. Narrated and produced by Jack Nessel, technical production by John Whiting. 1965, this recording really has everything: successful and less than successful games and spot improvisations, the song “I’m Not The Least Bit Prejudiced”, and extensive commentary from Committee director Alan Myerson. It’s an incredible piece of comedy history. We love it. Give it a listen and check out John Whiting’s KPFA History page for more gems.

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