Sturdy on Wainwright and Brent, via Elbling.


“Jerry Wainwright, a San Francisco photographer and friend of mine and I were sitting around his studio one day. He came up with the idea of producing a series of stills for the Committee lobby. Stills of the actors, like lobby stills, but from imaginary movies. I went to Myerson and outlined the project and Myerson said that they would pay the costs. I think Jerry might have picked up $200 as a photographers fee..There were these hippie veterinarians that lived on the corner of Sutter and Lyon. They had all this old Victorian San Francisco strangoid furniture, and veterinary equipment and antique operating tables and apothecary jars..I came up with the concept of John Brent as Doctor Servo De La Lune.. We shot a double exposure – we laid John down on one of the operating tables and shot him as the patient, and keeping the camera frozen dressed him up as the doctor…I later learned that certain prescription pads were missing from the veterinarian’s office. Some pharmacist called to ask if someone had prescribed Demerol for someone’s dog.” – Don Sturdy aka Howard Hesseman, via Peter Elbling. [thanks to Jeremy Paz.]

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