The Wing

excerpts from Vol. 9, No. 12 of the Mountclef Echo, The official news publication of the Associated Student Body of California Lutheran College, Thousand Oaks, California (date uncertain, likely ’72-73):

“The Experimental Wing is a result of The Committee Workshop in San Francisco and as been performing one and half years. This is not the group that performed on the Smothers Brothers Show, and this is the reason for the name change. As Cindy Kamler, the group’s director, explained It, “we want to avoid people coming to see The Committee and seeing us. . .we do something a little different. We just try to clarify it’s a different group…”

The Experimental Wing has twenty actors In all..The entire group varies from 21 to 40, and from minister to college kids to carnival people. A real cross section. Asked why they joined the group, their answers were all different but the same. ‘I found Improvisation, the concept, so exciting I Just abandoned everything and got into It.’ ‘ I really dig theater. . .[and] this improv technique is a really valid form.’ ‘All you need Is cooperatlon and trust.’ ‘I needed a Job. [The pay’s not much but] it’s good for my head [and] the point of anything Is to keep grooving.’ ‘Looking for something to get with that was groovy.’

Asking what their thing was, I again received similar answers. “We’re not out to preach. . .burn bridges. . . change anyone to our way of thinking.” “The whole point of our whole thing, just to have a good time. . . We vary so much there Is no way in the world we could all agree on a thought. We can’t even agree on where to go to eat. . .But like we can get on stage and cooperate like hell.”

Of the group, fifteen of the actors are on a salary of twenty dollars a week and the group Is going broke. They get between $150 and $1500 for a show depending on where and who for. For the show here they got about halfway between the two figures. They love to work and aren’t “sticklers for money.”

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